Christmas Behind Bars

To Everyone’s Cell

Christmas Behind Bars is so thankful for all of the sponsors who see value in the lives of those who are incarcerated. We say thank you for all of the materials that PSTC provides for those who are incarcerated through your willingness to give.

The Path to Peace helps bring true freedom for all people. Radiant Living helps bring a life of vibrance and a deep meaningful relationship with our Creator. Christmas Behind Bars distributes literally tens of thousands of gift packages all throughout the year. Your sponsorship makes it possible for us to continue placing these materials in inmate gift packages and ultimately follow-up materials sent as well.

Last week we distributed almost 3,500 gift packages in the state of Alabama. The week before we distributed 3,000 gift packages in the state of Arkansas. The week before that we distributed packages to a new facility in Illinois, and the week before that we distributed 700 used Bibles to the Reception Diagnostic Center in Indiana, as well as
1,700 gift packages to a men’s facility in Indiana. This coming week we hope to distribute packages in the state of Texas to a new women’s prison. Statesville Correctional Facility a few months back received gift packages from Christmas Behind Bars thanks to the Joliet Seventh-Day Adventist Church, which has sponsored multiple prisons in the state of Illinois. We have even distributed some of these materials in the different Amish communities where we have assembled the gift packages.

Recently, one of the Christian inmates gave his package away to a Muslim who had refused to accept one. The Christian placed a note on it and put it on the Muslim man’s bed when he was away. The man came back to his bed and found the package and read the note this Christian brother had left with the gift package. He opened up the package, laid everything out on his bed, and then did something that was very unusual for him to do: he spoke out to the whole dormitory quite loudly and said, “I don’t know which one of you Christian brothers gave me this package, but I want to say thank you—to you and to your God.”

I mean this is huge—one person giving his gift package away to someone who really needed it and who had refused it – the gift of love that had been given to him was now doubled because he gave it away; and now this man said thank you to the Christian who gave it to him and thanks to his God. So the name of God continues to be magnified in these dark, cold, and very lonely places full of men and women, seemingly forgotten by society, some certainly forgotten by family and friends, but none, not even one, forgotten by God.

May you continue to sponsor these devotional materials that PSTC continues to provide for Christmas Behind Bars to include in these gift packages.

Please always remember what Jesus said: “As you have done it unto the least of these (MY BRETHREN), ye have done it unto Me.”