Christmas Behind Bars

SPECIAL MESSAGE to all of our sponsors.

Your sponsorship has brought one individual hope in this world in which we live, we say thank you… For making it possible,that we could go to this prison in some faraway place, 1800 inmates are incarcerated in this Supermax prison, 547 I believe is the number of people that are housed in the solitary confinement units within this prison, We can only estimate the value of this one person through the cross of Calvary, May our own lives contemplate today the freedom that we have been granted Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ… from a solitary confinement cell…

Christmas Behind Bars We are in need of a semi tractor, to help lighten the load for some of these long-distance journeys, As the Lord would impress you / your tax deductible donations can be sent to Christmas behind bars, Please mark your donations for this special project.

Sincerely love and prayers your friends,

Christmas behind bars / Free Indeed
Lemuel and Donna Vega