Christmas Behind Bars

Hope on Death Row

Today you can make a difference In someone’s life.

This cart is empty it has the potential to transport Bibles and gift packages to people who are sitting on death row awaiting their last day on earth…

After their execution, they are transported down this walkway and out of the prison…We all have one life to live, one candle to burn; may we share our life, light and hope with those who are confined to these dark dark places. Some, perhaps most never hearing or knowing the love of God.

We are asking you today to please open your checkbooks and partner with us in bringing the light and love of Christ to those who are behind Bars… We came into this world with nothing, we will leave this world with only the decisions we have made and the legacy we have left behind for others to be encouraged for Christ”

This week as you read this article we will be putting together almost 3000 gift packages in a rural Amish community in Ohio some of which will be going to people who are on death row in a Indiana prison. The Amish people from Indiana / Michigan communities will be helping to deliver these  gift packages.

Will you today be willing to partner with us in bringing hope to prisoners?

Where does the money go?

Christmas Behind Bars is a non-for profit ministry that started over 20 years ago. This ministry is made up of many volunteers working together for the furtherance of the kingdom of heaven.

We have no paid staff or administrative overhead so your contributions go directly to the work of bringing hope to men and women who most have been forgotten by society, but you and I know that not one of them have been forgotten by God.

What does it cost?

Christmas Behind Bars is desperately in need of your financial contributions today as we are receiving many calls from prisons asking for our help, but we cannot meet the need.

  • $.25 will help us purchase a bar of soap
  • $.42 for a nice toothbrush
  • $.69 will buy a bottle of shampoo
  • $3 will buy a nice paperback Bible,

That is a total of $4.36

Another $7.00 Will help us buy Ramen noodles, granola bars , bags of dry cereal or granola, pretzels , chips , snacks , miscellaneous candy bars and or cookies, Sometimes were able to get cashews almonds or peanuts to put in the bags as well, Occasionally dried fruit.

  • $10,000 = almost 1000 lives encouraged
  • $5,000 donation = 440 lives encouraged
  • $3,000 donation = 275  lives encouraged
  • $1000 donation = 88 lives encouraged
  • $500 almost 50 lives encouraged for Christ,

On this earth you may never meet the inmates your giving will influence but it is our prayer and our desire that you meet many people in the kingdom of heaven because of the light, love and hope that you have shared with these people through your financial contributions today.

Please make your donations out today,Christmas Behind Bars PO Box 474, Bluffton, IN 46714. Your donations are tax deductible.

For all contributors to this article we will be sending you some letters that the inmates have sent us (while supplies last). We have some homemade cards and other items the inmates have made, out of our appreciation to our sponsors we would like to send something from the prisoners to you. We have a few keychains made out of leather and homemade flowers made out of bread and glue pretty amazing what they can do.

So today it is our prayer that you will consider what the Lord would have you to do;
For he clearly states when I was in prison ye visited me…