Christmas Behind Bars

Free Care Packages For All


Christmas Behind Bars Outreach Ministries provides gift packages to all of your inmates…..the care packages consist of:

  • “Thinking of You” Cards
  • Letter of Encouragement
  • Bibles (as funds permit)
  • Picture of Nature Scene
  • Pretzels – Chips – Granola Bars
  • Candy Bars – Misc. Snack Items
  • Hot Cocoa – Soup Packets – Crackers
  • Misc. Candies & Chip Items
  • Different Hygiene Items (as funds and facilities permit)

Why We Visit

Letting them know they are not forgotten; that lasting, positive changes are attainable through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Sharing with them the path to true freedom for all people

We are no longer a seasonal ministry – we are serving 365 days a year. Get your facility booked.

Please contact us by using our form or call phone: 260-827-8835