Thank you for supporting Christmas Behind Bars. It is so worthwhile. I know because I was one of these inmates who received encouragement from such a program thanks to people like you. No gift is too small. All gifts are appreciated more than you could ever know. We do not rely on any type of governmental funding. God’s providence and the kindness and generosity of individuals like yourself are what keep us going.

We have several different ways to donate, please see the options to the right.

If you would like to receive a free 28 minute DVD on Christmas Behind Bars with your donation, please mark your check or write it in the notes section of the donation form.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry and you will receive a tax deductible receipt for any donations, whether monetary or gift in kind.

What can I Give?

When you donate there are ten different areas to choose from, plus you may also choose to specify where in the OTHER box after clicking “Donate”). If you do not specify the intended use we will use the funds wherever they are most needed.

  1. Bibles for Inmates
  2. Gift Packages for Inmates
  3. Transportation Needs
  4. Family of Inmate Assistance
  5. Inmate Assistance Upon Release
  6. Postage for Bibles, Books, DVDs
  7. Volunteers, workers, helpers, drivers
  8. New Prison Projects
  9. In Loving Memory of a Loved One
  10. Other (please fill in empty box labeled OTHER . . . or let us choose for you.)


If you wish to select a specific purpose for your donation please fill in the comment field that will pop up after you click “Donate”. If you do not specify this in the comment field, your donation will be used where it is most needed. NOTE: We like to share letters and artwork sent by prisoners with our supporters, If you would like to receive some and also stay up to date with what is happening in our ministry all you need to do is supply your postal address in the comment field.


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Recurring Donations

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More about our needs


Right now we are in great need of a reliable semi truck. We have two semi trailers, but we don’t have the truck to pull them down the highway. Depending on the amount of donations we’re able to raise, we’ll determine what kind of truck to buy. We’re not looking to buy a new truck, but rather a used truck in good condition. We put thousands of miles on the road visiting these men and women in prison and need something roadworthy and dependable to further the Lord’s work throughout many states.


We have to relocate from our 7,000 sq. ft. warehouse We are looking to build a 12,000 to 15,000 sq. ft. facility that will enable us to meet our ministry needs and the projected growth of Christmas Behind Bars.

Non-Financial Needs

  • Non-perishable food items
  • Used Bibles – We are trying to get 8,000 Bibles for our inmates behind bars. Lemuel is able to give inmates a Bible when they are first taken in and before they get assigned to the prison that they will be serving time in. These inmates have no phone calls, no visitors, no TV, no commissary or any other privileges. We are told by the jail employees that when these inmates get Bibles, they cherish them and when they are assigned to the prison where they are to serve time, they don’t cause as much trouble as those who do not receive a Bible. We are specifically requesting used Bibles as many of us have them lying around in our homes and the marked up Bibles mean a lot to the inmates as it makes it more special and they can use your notes to learn more. You can send your bibles to Christmas Behind 
    Bars , P.O. Box 474, Bluffton, IN 46714
  • Adult clothing and shoes (for inmates released from prison)