Christmas Behind Bars

Christmas Letter 2021

Christmas Behind Bars provides free care packages and Bibles, sharing Christ’s love with prisoners all throughout the year.

Please help us with your financial contributions, or by donating Bibles, so that prisoners may hear the Gospel and know that they are loved.

Your financial gifts enable us to provide the following care package items:

  • Thinking of You Cards
  • Letters of Encouragement
  • Bibles
  • Picture of Nature Scenes
  • Pretzels / Chips / Granola Bars
  • Misc. Candies & Snack Items
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Soup Packets / Crackers
  • Different Hygiene Items

Comments from an inmate after receiving his gift package in September: “I just want to thank everyone for their graceful acceptance of us fallen humans and your gifts on this day. The sacks full of snacks was gratifying, but the mere fact you think us worthy of them is the real treat. May God bless each and everyone involved with the ministry.”

During this Christmas Season, would you be willing to partner with us to bring hope and encouragement to those who are behind bars? Your financial sponsorship will make these gift packages a living reality, bringing Christmas to those who are often forgotten by society…

  • A contribution of $10,000 will bring hope and encouragement to 1,000 inmates
  • A contribution of $5,000 will bring hope and encouragement to 500 inmates
  • A contribution of $1,000 will bring hope and encouragement to 100 inmates
  • A contribution of $10 would bring hope and encouragement to 1 inmate

If you want to support our work please visit our donate page for details.

From the Heart of a Mother!

Recently, we received a phone call from a mother who wanted to volunteer for this ministry…

…curious, we asked her why, and she told us that her son was in a county jail in 2019 facing double murder charges. While there, he received a gift package from Christmas Behind Bars. He began reading the devotional materials and Bible, and he gave his life to Christ. He spent 2 years in the county jail before being sentenced to 60 years for his crimes. He is serving his time in Indiana in a maximum security prison. He has continued his walk with Christ, and he told his mother that every time he gets a new cell-mate, God sends someone who does not know the Lord, and he has the opportunity to share the gospel with him. His mother said that he is the happiest he has ever been in his life.

We don’t know who sponsored his gift package in that small county jail in 2019, but their sponsorship has made a tremendous difference in this young man’s life, and possibly the lives of many other inmates who come into contact with him.

From the Heart of a Father!

In 2016, our oldest son was sentenced to time in prison… while there, Christmas Behind Bars Outreach Ministry visited the prison, and handed out gift packages to over 3,000 inmates. Our son was so happy to receive the items in the gift package. Christmas Behind Bars made sure he was given a Bible of his own. This made such a difference in his life. He has put his faith in Jesus, who is walking him though his struggles. As God works in his life, he is beginning to understand what God wants him to do, and that God wants his trust. He says he is excited to see what God is going to do when he gets out! We are so thankful for the ministry of Christmas Behind Bars!

Your donations help this ministry deliver gift packages/Bibles all throughout the year.