Christmas Behind Bars

CBB Ministry Update

To Our Friends , Families and supporters Of Christmas Behind Bars,

You are bringing hope into the lives of those who are behind bars for the furtherance of the kingdom of heaven…

We just received a call this past week from an Amish lady who said her husband is in prison. He is incarcerated in a prison of 3000 inmates, She wanted to know if we could bring the Christmas Behind Bars gift packages and the outreach ministry to the prison where her husband is incarcerated and has been for the last 11 years.

We are asking you today for your financial sponsorship to make this request a reality. Bibles and gift packages for all of those prisoners where her husband is incarcerated are approximately $10 for each, and any additional funds will be able to purchase hygiene items as well as Bibles.

Christmas Behind Bars is making a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of people Who are behind bars as well as bringing Hope to their families and to their children here at Christmas Behind Bars.

We would like to take a moment to share with you of our deep appreciation and gratitude for your sponsorship in the past.

Christmas Behind Bars is a ministry that endeavors to bring the everlasting gospel message to those who are incarcerated,
Letting them know that they are not forgotten,
Letting them know that they can find peace and forgiveness,
Letting them know the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ” Brings true freedom.
Christmas Behind Bars receives products through your sponsorship.

We make gift packages filled with All kinds of snack items, granola bars, pretzels 🥨  chips, nuts 🥜  Ramen noodles 🍝  cereal  🥣 some candy Bars and devotional materials sometimes hygiene items like soap and toothbrushes, devotional materials like the daily bread and the  path to peace, Bibles as Donations permit, we do use King James Bibles and if you feel impressed, to do so, you can give specifically for Bibles.

Two weeks ago we put together 4600 gift packages 📦 those packages were delivered to three major prisons in the state of Alabama, the majority of those incarcerated have been forgotten by society and most have been forgotten by families but not (one) of them have been forgotten by God”.

One inmate told me as we were unloading the semi truck that probably 65 to 70% of the inmate population in that prison was indigent, that means they have no outside financial support for simple things such as soap 🧼 or toothbrushes deodorant or any kind of snack items, They can’t get stamps or paper, 📝 the things necessary to stay connected with the outside world.

Right now during the pandemic, those that do have family are not allowed to come and visit them. If they are fortunate enough to have jobs inside the prison they do get paid for that work, but when I say get paid, it is not even $0.10 an hour.

On the way to Alabama our Thermo king unit or refrigerated unit which keeps the gift packages cool and the candy from melting stopped working during the night, the next day it was supposed to be in the 90’s in Alabama So I was driving through the night and able to get to Nashville Tennessee looking for a Thermal King dealership, I got lost in a rough part of town as I was looking for directions this young man named Andrew was sitting on the street corner homeless, hopeless, Hungry and tired; He had been using drugs for days he said he was 32 years old had no family in Nashville and felt so bad. He wanted to know if he could use my phone to call his sponsor. I was able to contact his sponsor as well as give him a peanut butter sandwich 🥪 two bananas 🍌  a apple 🍎 a bag of cucumbers 🥒  and two bottles of water 💦  we had prayer 🙏 together at 4 o’clock 🕓 in the morning as we departed. I promised him that God would walk beside him as he makes that decision for the right way of life.

$857 Dollars 💵 later 😢 The Thermo king unit was repaired and was on my way to the prison by 10:30 🕥 AM
Those charges we’re applied to a credit card and if you would like to help pay that off just specifically mark your  donation for repairs Alabama trip”

Where Andrew is today I do not know, but the words that were shared that night I pray will forever be present in his life as he continues to move forward staying clean // sober and helping others.

The 4600 gift packages That were loaded into this semi trailer and the lives that you touched through your sponsorship of Christmas Behind Bars we want to say thank you 🙏 ❤️ 🙏

How will it make a lasting difference in their lives // the food is probably gone, the toothpaste and the soap 🧼 almost gone, but through your sponsorship you are leaving  lasting positive changes in these peoples lives, perhaps you will never meet them on this earth 🌎 but we pray that you will meet them in the kingdom of heaven because you were willing to give and we say thank you for your sponsorship of Christmas Behind Bars outreach ministry’s.

The true meaning of Christmas is the gift that continues to give all year long…

There were 4600 of these gift packages loaded in this semi trailer going to the state of Alabama 4599 people received hope through your sponsorship of Christmas Behind Bars” Please continue to help us reach out helping people help people…

Please send your donation today to help with some upcoming prisons where we know that some Amish people are incarcerated:

One of the prisons has 3000 inmates, remember the Amish lady that called us two weeks ago sharing with us of her husband being locked 🔒 up and has been incarcerated for 11 years now, she made the call asking if there’s anyway that we could visit the prison where her husband is and Lord willing, we are asking you If you would be willing to sponsoring the other 2999 inmates incarcerated in that facility?

We need your help today to make that possibility a reality”

Would you be willing to bring hope and encouragement to 1000 of those inmates ? – A check for $10,000 would do that,
Would you be willing to bring hope and encouragement to 500 of those inmates ? – A check for $5000 would do that,
Would you be willing to bring hope and encouragement to 100 of those inmates ? – A check for $1000 would do that,
Would you be willing to bring hope and encouragement to one of those inmates ? – A check for $10 would do that,

As the Lord has richly blessed abundantly our people would you kindly consider what is in your hand and what is it that you can do today.

You will receive a handwritten response along with letters that some of the inmates have written to us. 100% of your contributions go directly to the work, no one in this ministry receives payment for the work of the ministry”
Sincerely, Lemuel Vega // Staff;
Love ❤️ and prayers 🙏 Your friends at Christmas Behind Bars outreach ministries.