Christmas Behind Bars

Behind Bars but not Forgotten

Some have never seen the light of day or had the love of Christ conveyed to them. Some have never had a family to come home to or been given the chance that they so desperately needed from children on up. Some have never been to church or had a family that prayed with them or loved and cared for them.

The darkness of the night begins to dissipate by the morning light … One candle to burn … one life to live

2 o’clock in the morning, July 1, 2020

Enshrouded by the darkness of night the semi truck starts, its lights turn on. The refrigerated semi trailer has been running all night to keep the gift packages cool from the summer heat. Christmas Behind Bars is heading out on another missionary journey down the highway of life. Destination? A prison with 2500 inmates.

The gift packages have been sponsored by many volunteers and put together with the love of Christ.

New and used Bibles were included in some of these gift packages; however, we did not have enough funds for all of the inmates gift packages to receive one. We thank all of you for your sponsorship to make the Bibles possible that were distributed.

Today we are asking for you to partner with us through a special financial contribution giving the gift of love and salvation to those who are behind prison bars—most seemingly forgotten by society. You and I know that not one of them has been forgotten by God, but how will they know unless someone goes and gives them the gift of love through Christ.

Your financial gifts are tax deductible and we will send each of you letters that have been hand written by those who are in prison letting you know how thankful they are that someone thought of them, came to visit them, and gave them hope through Christ.

Arriving at the prison, the darkness of night has been overtaken by the dawning of a brand new day, Daylight has arrived and we are still really tired from all the long hours that go into projects like these, but we are so very grateful for the opportunity we have to partner with you to bring hope to the prisoners.

As the truck pulls up to the gates of the prison there are officers assigned to the duty of security, Some have guns. Some have dogs. As we go into the prison we drive through more gates and more checkpoints. They have dogs that are specially trained to sniff out drugs, tobacco, and narcotics. Other dogs are trained to find cell phones and electronic equipment. Still others are specifically trained for aggression or attack to break up riots in the prison.

These are some of the outside recreation areas where people who are in segregation are allowed to go for short periods of time. They are handcuffed and escorted by an officer before they are released into one of these pens. After all, this is one of the highest security prisons. They have inmates who are awaiting execution on death row.

How will they know unless someone is willing to go? We are asking for your sponsorship as we prepare to visit more people inside more prisons.

Your offerings, gifts of love, and contributions are all tax-deductible. We will respond to each one of you personally.