Christmas Behind Bars

Amish people who are in prison

In the near future we are going to be visiting some prisons where some Amish and Mennonite people are incarcerated. Please help us to help them—this is a huge undertaking.

This past week, I spoke with a young man who is Amish. He was in prison and received some of these gift packages. He said what a blessing it was to him and all the inmates. They all so look forward to Christmas Behind Bars visiting their facility.

He is actually now trying to help us get some product for the inmates gift packages at a discounted price. Someone who received is now willing to help others who are still in need. How wonderful is that!

We are asking you today specifically in this article if there would be 200 people willing to partner with us, donating $100 every month for the rest of the year. That would help us tremendously to be able to purchase the Bibles along with toothbrushes, bars of soap, and other items for the gift packages. There are also expenses and upkeep for the trucks and diesel fuel to make these deliveries.

For those of you who can or would be willing to donate money substantially, we have specific needs at this point. Your contribution would tremendously help us as we move forward in the work. The rent for the warehouse is due this month— that is $24,000 a year.

We volunteer our time and no one here at Christmas Behind Bars gets a paycheck from this ministry. Every dollar you donate goes directly to the work of bringing hope to those who are incarcerated.

We also try to help those who have recently been released (and their families) who might need help getting their lives reestablished.

Jesus said :

“When I was in prison ye came unto me. Verily I say onto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Matthew 25:40

“For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved”

John chapter 3:17

John 3:16 is the promise of salvation for all who are willing.

He cares about the least of the least by society standards; those who are most lonely or degenerate, those individuals that society may think are hopeless or worthless.

This is a guard tower at one of the prisons in the state of Texas. The officer sits in the guard tower with a gun and binoculars watching the inmates inside the prison, making sure no one escapes and making sure no one comes up and throws anything over the fence to the inmates like drugs, tobacco, cell phones, or any kind of contraband.
This cardboard drawing was done by hand at a correctional facility in Kentucky. It was their way of saying thank you and welcoming us to their prison. We recently hung it on the wall at the warehouse we are using.

Your sponsorship is helping to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people. We thank you for partnering with us today for the furtherance of the kingdom of heaven

Please remember we can’t take it with us, so let’s do something for someone else today by encouraging them to take the right road and letting them know that through Christ all things are possible.

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Philippians chapter 4:13

We have a current need!

We are in need of a really good electric fork truck, because I have been getting sick from the fumes of the propane driving in and out of the semi trailers and around the warehouse.

If you would like to mark your donation specifically for that, it certainly would be appreciated.

We have actually looked at and are very interested in two different ones in Indianapolis as the funds come in towards that. The bigger one is $18,900. I believe it is a 2016 with low hours, and a new battery. The other one is $15,900.
They are both like brand new and would be well taken care of by us if you would be willing to help us get one.

We are also accepting used Bibles and homemade “thinking of you” cards for the inmates. You can mail them along with your donations to: Christmas Behind Bars | PO Box 474 | Bluffton, IN 46714. If you would like to donate with a credit card can do so on our donation page or you may call us anytime at 260-827-8835. Please remember to give us your address. We want to send you a receipt as well as letters of appreciation from the inmates. From time to time inmates make different things and send them to us. We like to forward these items to our sponsors, so if you get something special in the mail you will know what it’s about.

Until next time God’s rich blessings to you and your family. Stay safe, stay well, and stay encouraged during these troubled times in which we live.

Sincere love and prayers from your friends at Christmas Behind Bars.