Christmas Behind Bars

About Christmas Behind Bars

Lemuel L Vega

Raised in Chicagoland, Lemuel has always known the dark side of the law. From childhood robberies, to incarceration as a young man, Lemuel had followed a path that many people today are still following. A small church, reached out to the jail where Lemuel was being held, and shared the gospel of Jesus, changing his life forever. After finding Christ, Lemuel started Christmas Behind Bars as a local outreach to a small, community jail. His desire was to share the love of Christ he found with others. Years later, this small Ministry has expanded into a national outreach! “ we know firsthand the value of those coming to share the gospel message. Jesus is the reason there’s hope in a world filled with hurt and despair…” -Lemuel Vega

Our Mission

Most of the inmates incarcerated in the USA are forgotten or abandoned by Family and Friends.Though Society may have deemed them unworthy, it is our belief that God still has a plan and an unmeasured love for these broken individuals.
The Mission of Christmas Behind Bars is to reach the souls of the incarcerated for Christ. We want to show them that lasting positive changes are not only available but certainly attainable.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Our Story

Christmas Behind Bars started many years ago visiting one county jail at Christmas with small gift packages containing: personal hygiene items, devotional materials, songs and words of encouragement, letting the inmates know that they are not forgotten and that God still loves them and has a plan to prosper those who will allow Him to do a work in them.
Society expects us to change from the outside in and that never works. Christmas Behind Bars is here today because we understand the need for an inward transformation that can only come through Christ.
Though we started as a small annual outreach during the Christmas season, we have expanded to a ministry that visits prisons 365 days of the year!
From Lemuel’s conversion from a life of drugs and incarceration, to a new life found in Christ, full of meaning and a passion for the broken; to hundreds of individuals who have volunteered to hand-assemble thousands of care packages monthly; Christmas Behind Bars has been able to grow to facilities that have over 3,000 inmates!

Our Future

Each year Christmas Behind Bars continues to grow by God’s Grace and we are willing to go where He calls us. Your sponsorship has made it possible for us to reach more people in more places!
From a new warehouse being built, donated Bibles, hand-made cards of encouragement and hundreds of volunteers assembling the care packages, we continue to move from county to county and state to state spreading the love of God.

Together we have an opportunity to encourage others for eternity!


— Sophya