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An Appreciation for the Passionate
By Mark Miller

There are all sorts of people in this world. We are all different, often in interesting ways.

This might qualify as another chapter in a book I may someday write: “A Firm Grasp of The Obvious.”

I know a lot of people who enjoy what they do and find it meaningful. I believe I would qualify, myself. But you don’t always know that. Those of us that fall into that category do not always show it.

And that’s why I appreciate meeting people who do. A few names come to mind: Ed Schwartz, Bruce Miller, Pam Durdahl.

But more than anyone I’ve met in Bluffton, Lemuel Vega exudes a passion for what he does. Don’t know if he’s always like that, but he just cannot stop being enthusiastic, cheerful and smiling every time I talk to him.

So it was good to see Lemuel again earlier this week when he stopped by. His Christmas Behind Bars ministry seems to keep him hopping, and he wanted to get the word out that he could put 700 Bibles in the hands of 700 people who could use them. Every month.

Our story on page one today gives the details.

Lemuel likes the idea of putting used Bibles that are no longer being used back into circulation. He has found them at garage sales and The Bargain Hut has put donated Bibles aside for him.

I like the idea as well, and it struck a particular chord, as we still have a couple Bibles remaining from my father’s belongings. Over the course of 50-plus years in the ministry, you will collect more than a few Bibles along the way. We went through them carefully and made sure all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren had the opportunity to get one of Grandpa’s Bibles, particularly those in which he’d written his name.

But there were more. What do you do with them?

Now we know.

And it will make Lemuel smile even more. If that’s possible.


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